EnduraBol Pre-Calver

EnduraBol Pre-Calver is a sustained release bolus containing six trace elements and three vitamins. EnduraBol Pre-Calver is designed for grazing or forage fed cattle, helping farmers manage the trace element status of their herd.

Nutritional Content

A standard two bolus application provides the following quantities per day for up to 4 months:

  • 96.60 mg Copper
  • 4.00 mg Cobalt
  • 17.60 mg Iodine
  • 153.10 mg Manganese
  • 2.30 mg Selenium
  • 257.70 mg Zinc
  • 8,062 iu Vitamin A
  • 1,612 iu Vitamin D3
  • 19.60 iu Vitamin E

Our Bolus Technology

Vitamins and minerals are delivered in the following way:
Iron Weight

Anchors dual boluses inside the reticulum of the animal

Resin Coating

Our single entity, rigid skin bolus ensures single end erosion. This prevents inconsistent breakdown, providing a consistent supply of nutrients for up to 8 months

Dual Boluses

Collide within the reticulum, initiating bolus breakdown and release of nutrients

Matrix of Trace Elements and Vitamins

Breaks down from the exposed end, giving a sustained release of trace elements and vitamins

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Administration Instructions

General Guidance

  • Administer 2 boluses per animal over 150kg live weight
  • Active life of up to 4 months
  • Always use a Rumbol Products Ltd approved applicator

Loading Applicator

  • Insert the flat end of the boluses into the chamber first
  • Ensure both the boluses are securely held in the chamber of the applicator

Inserting Applicator

    • Place the bolus end of the applicator into the centre of the cow’s mouth, to the back of the tongue
    • Ensure the cow’s head and neck are extended in a straight line
    • Avoid:
      • Severe pressure on the tongue
      • Using force damaging teeth or any soft tissue

Bolus Release

  • Gently squeeze the trigger, releasing the boluses over the back of the tongue
  • Once the boluses have been ejected, further progress will depend on the swallowing reflex of the animal, the animal should easily be able to swallow the boluses
  • Avoid using force which can cause damage to soft tissue
  • Carefully remove the applicator, maintaining its central position in the mouth

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