We have done our best to answer any questions you may have about EnduraBol boluses below:

Why should I use Rumbol EnduraBol Boluses?

Rumbol EnduraBol boluses are pressed into a single entity and release six trace elements and three vitamins from a single point, giving a constant and sustained release. This reassures our customers that every animal is receiving a daily supply of these key trace elements and vitamins.

Where do I buy EnduraBol boluses from?

EnduraBol boluses are supplied widely throughout the UK via your local animal health merchant or veterinary practice. Alternatively, please contact Denis Brinicombe Group directly.

How do I know if my cattle require supplementation?

Advice should be sought from a qualified feed adviser to determine the correct balance of trace elements within your feed. Every farm is different and trace element status can be assessed through testing. The most common trace element tests are grass/forage analysis and blood tests. This will give you a solid starting point to balance your trace element nutrition correctly.

How do I know when I should supplement?

Supplementation should be done in conjunction with advice from either your animal health advisor, nutritionist or veterinary practitioner to ensure you get the correct balance for your herd and farm. Supplementation can be targeted to help your herd through the stressful periods in your production system or to get optimal production.

Is there a withdrawal period for EnduraBol boluses?

There is no withdrawal period for EnduraBol trace element boluses.

Why are trace elements so important?

Trace elements are essential dietary elements which are needed in minute quantities for proper growth,  development and physiology. The correct balance of trace elements is required to improve the overall health and productivity of your cattle.

How do I know if I have a trace element imbalance?

The only way to know your exact requirements is to test for trace elements. Most farms will have a short fall in some of the naturally occurring trace elements in grass or forage. Another indication of a trace element imbalance is a loss of herd performance in terms of health, growth and fertility.

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