Rich-Trace Cattle

Rich-Trace Cattle is a sustained release bolus containing six trace elements and three vitamins. Rich-Trace Cattle is designed for grazing or forage fed cattle, helping farmers manage the trace element status of their herd.

Nutritional Content

Over the course of their lifetime, a standard two bolus application provides the following quantities:

  • 32,299 mg Copper
  • 473 mg Cobalt
  • 1,039 mg Iodine
  • 16,733 mg Manganese
  • 498 mg Selenium
  • 27,104 mg Zinc
  • 1,608,456 iu Vitamin A
  • 321,692 iu Vitamin D3
  • 2,766 iu Vitamin E

Using our Pioneering Bolus Technology

Vitamins and minerals are delivered in the following way:
Iron Weight

Anchors dual boluses inside the reticulum of the cow

Resin Coating

Unique design of rigid skin ensures single end erosion. This prevents inconsistent breakdown, providing a consistent supply of nutrients for up to 240 days

Dual Boluses

Collide within the reticulum, initiating bolus breakdown and release of nutrients

Matrix of Trace Elements and Vitamins

Breaks down from the exposed end, giving a sustained release of trace elements and vitamins

The Original.

As the original bolus manufacturer, our boluses are tried and tested. Switch to Rumbol Rich-Trace today.

Administration Instructions

General Guidance

  • Administer 2 boluses per animal over 150kg live weight
  • Active life of up to 240 days
  • Always use a Rich-Trace approved applicator

Loading Applicator

  • Insert the flat end of the boluses into the chamber first
  • Ensure both the boluses are securely held in the chamber of the applicator

Inserting Applicator

    • Place the bolus end of the applicator into the centre of the cow’s mouth, to the back of the tongue
    • Ensure the cow’s head and neck are extended in a straight line
    • Avoid:
      • Severe pressure on the tongue
      • Using force damaging teeth or any soft tissue

Bolus Release

  • Gently squeeze the trigger, releasing the boluses over the back of the tongue
  • Once the boluses have been ejected, further progress will depend on the swallowing reflex of the animal, the animal should easily be able to swallow the boluses
  • Avoid using force which can cause damage to soft tissue
  • Carefully remove the applicator, maintaining its central position in the mouth

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