Our Bolus Technology

Rumbol boluses are manufactured using unrivalled, cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and effective solutions for livestock farmers.

Incorporating key trace elements alongside vitamins and minerals, our boluses help to support the health, welfare, and productivity of livestock.

We manufacture a range of bolus technologies for the trade network and international nutrition marketplace, to suit a variety of ruminant nutritional needs, including:

  • Single piece, single point erosion boluses
  • Instant, fast acting boluses
  • Cold-pressed whole surface erosion boluses
Grey Cross section

Single Piece, Single Point Erosion Bolus

  • Throughout its optimised active life, each bolus erodes from a single concise surface area
  • A twin resin coating controls the release rate, ensuring a sustained and constant supply of nutrients
  • An iron weight anchors the ingested bolus to ensure nutrients are released in the reticulum
  • The micronutrient matrix holds together the nutrients before they are released into the animal as the bolus erodes

Instant, Fast Acting Bolus

  • Delivers fast results in an easy to administer format, giving a flush of nutrients at critical times
  • Manufactured with a protective layer so the bolus does not release the key nutrients until it reaches the rumen
  • Unique multi-release rate matrix delivers key nutrients at differing rates to the animal for optimal efficacy
Instant fast acting bolus
Single Construction, Whole Surface-Area Erosion Bolus

Cold-Pressed, Whole Surface Erosion Bolus

  • Each bolus erodes continuously, giving a reliable supply of nutrients throughout its life
  • A highly concentrated formulation delivered in a compact and efficient size for easy administration in ruminants
  • The cold-press manufacturing process allows for the inclusion and protection of many key and unique nutritional ingredients. These would normally be denatured in a heat-based production system
  • The multi-nutrient matrix holds together the nutrients before they are released into the animal as the bolus erodes

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